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What is TaniFund ?
TaniFund is a social enterprise focusing on agriculture and fishery.  You can fund the farmers and get an exciting yield. Our mission is to provide access to finance for Indonesian smallholder farmers, breeders and fishermen so they can expand their farms and have a better living. We are also active in educating and supervising our farmer, breeder and fishermen partners.
Why should I lend my money through TaniFund?
Lenders are able to enjoy the growth of their money while directly helping Indonesian farmers with the needed capital for them to grow and expand their farms. A win-win solution for all parties.
What makes TaniFund unique?
TaniFund is partnering with TaniHub to absorb harvests of our farmers—TaniHub is agriculture e-commerce that currently has hundred thousand buyer partners including traditional markets, modern markets, industrial companies, restaurants, and caterings. TaniHub also provides information and recommendations to TaniFund on which product has high-demand with inconsistent supply.
What types of funding are available in TaniFund?
In TaniFund, there are profit-sharing program and fixed repayment program. The profit-sharing program generally has a percentage of yields that can vary for each cultivation program, using sharing-risk between each related parties. The fixed return has a smaller percentage compared to profit-sharing, but with a smaller risk.
What does profit sharing program means?
Our profit-sharing scheme varies upon the cultivation program. However, our most common profit-sharing scheme is 40% for lenders, 40% for farmers, and 20% for TaniFund. The percentage of yields that appear on the website is an estimation from conservative to an optimist, calculated using average yields per annual, calculated from yearly cashflow on the related program. Please refer to the prospectus in each cultivation program you are planning to participate in.
What does fixed rate program means?
The fixed-rate program has a fixed percentage of yields, which is calculated using the simple calculation method per annual: yields percentage = total yield / total funding needed / total month of payout x 12 x 100. Please refer to the prospectus in each cultivation program you are planning to participate in.
How long will the cultivation program be?
Each program has different time frames. Vegetables have shorter cultivation time, while some fruit cultivations may take years. Please refer to the prospectus of the cultivation program you are planning to participate in.
When will I get my initial capital and its yield?
The yield can be distributed either monthly or yearly, according to what is listed on the program. While the initial capital will be disbursed along with the last repayment of the cultivation program.
What will happen if there occurs any loss or force majeure?
TaniFund is partnering with an insurance company that provides agriculture insurance to cover any possibility of a force majeure. Hence, risk can be minimized. Be aware that, like any other P2P lending products, there still exists a risk of losing some or all of your funds due to factors beyond our control.
May I can cancel my participation on an ongoing program?
No. When participating in a cultivation program, we will lock your transferred money and will be returned at the end of the program.
How do you select your farmers?
Farmers in TaniFund are the farmers who are carefully selected and recommended by TaniHub. These farmers must have good track-record trading through TaniHub, or in other places, as well as high-quality products before eligible to join TaniFund.
How does TaniFund manage risk?
Though the risk is inevitable in any kind of business, we always try our best to minimize any possibilities of it. Every farmer activity during the cultivation process will be closely monitored and supervised. Our farmers also receive on-farm education and training from time to time.
How will my funds be used in the cultivation project(s)?
Every cent of your money will be used according to what is written in the agreement and prospectus. Please read each prospectus to understand more about the money utilization plan for each project.
What is the minimum and maximum participation amount that I can give for each project?
There is no max limit on how much you would like to participate apart from the value of the project itself. As for the min participation, the amount varies and can differ for each project. Please read the prospectus of each cultivation program for more accurate details.
What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can transfer to TaniFund?
There is no minimum nor maximum amount of money to transfer . However, your Bank may has a regulation regarding to minimum or maximum transfer.
What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can withdraw from TaniFund?
There is no maximum withdrawal amount, but the minimum withdrawal amount is IDR 15.000. This provision can change at any time. 
How may I know the progress of the project and my portfolio?
TaniFund will provide a regular update for every cultivation program you participate in. These updates will be sent to your registered email and on your portfolio section on your account.
Do I need to pay any taxes for any yield I get?
As a good citizen and by the Indonesian regulations, TaniFund will automatically deduct the portion for tax from your net yield. You will be requested to attach NPWP (Indonesia tax ID number). You are also required to include the yield on your tax report. We recommend you consult with a professional tax advisor. Without NPWP (Indonesia tax ID number), the maximum tax will be charged to your yields according to the applicable regulations.
What happens with the ongoing portfolio if the lender passed away? Can it be transferred to other parties?
If the lender passes away during an ongoing project, TaniFund will pass on the entire portfolio to the heir whose name is stated in the deceased’s account. The heir name can be filled on \\'My Profile\\' page.
I live outside of Indonesia, am I also be eligible to participate and send funds?
Yes. You may participate and send funds from outside of Indonesia. However, you must comply with Indonesian regulations, having active Indonesian e-KTP and phone number. For now, TaniFund only provides payment service from registered banks in Indonesia.
Is TaniFund regulated and supervised by OJK?
Yes, we are registered and supervised by OJK with registration number S-278/NB.213/2018. TaniFund is categorized as financial technology (fintech) company and Financial technology industry and obeys the regulation through POJK No. 77/POJK.01/2016 on Lending and Borrowing Money using Digital Platform by OJK.
Are there other costs that are charged to the Lender and the Borrower on each program?
For Lenders, there are only tax costs that will be deducted in accordance with PPh article 23 from the yield.
For Borrower, all costs incurred from the loan, including costs incurred in advance, interest, insurance costs or other coverage, provisions, late fees, accelerated repayment fees, and other costs are charged to the Borrower. Total late fees and all other costs are a maximum of 100% of the loan\'s initial capital.
Upon registration, why should I also register Digisign?
TaniFund complies with business license regulations at the OJK, to make transactions at TaniFund safer. So, TaniFund partnered with Digisign, a licensed digital signature service provider.
OK I am ready to become a lender and help Indonesian farmers! How shall I start?
First of all, congratulation! We are so glad you care about Indonesia farmers and want to give a helping hand. Here are the simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Click button \\'Register\\' on top of the website and complete the registration form.

  2. Select the desired cultivation program you would like to participate on \\'Explore\\' page. Make sure you program that you choose still open to participate, and not yet fully funded. Click button \\'Deliver Funds\\'. Follow the instruction until the process completes.

  3. When the program starts, you will receive regular updates on your portfolio by the month.

  4. Upon completion of the cultivation program, your participation funds along with the yield will be transferred to your TaniFund funds in your account. You will also get a complete report on the details and calculation of the profit sharing.

What if the project is not fully funded by the end of the fundraising period?
To protect all parties -- both borrowers and lenders like you -- involved from any project failure risk, we established regulations regarding project continuation based on the percentage of funds raised against the fundraising target:
Funds collected <30% of the target:
The project will be canceled automatically and the funds you previously put in the project will be returned to your TaniFund account.
Funds collected 30% - 75% of the target:
TaniFund will ensure the borrower to take decision whether to continue or cancel the project, within the timeframe of project start date. If the project is canceled, the funds that you previously put in the project in question will be returned to your TaniFund account.
Funds collected> 75% of the target:
TaniFund guarantees the project will continue.
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